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24 Sep


Material: 80% Cotton 20%Polyester
A Shoulder B chest C Sleeve D Longth
S 46cm 50cm 64cm 65cm
M 48cm 52cm 65cm 66cm
L 49cm 53cm 66cm 67cm
XL 51cm 54cm 67cm 68cm

                                   Korean Style Men Hoody
$49.00    $24.50
Save: 50% off

                                   Korean Style Men Hoody
$49.00    $24.50
Save: 50% off

                                   Korean Style Men Hoody
$49.00    $24.50
Save: 50% off

                                   Korean Style Men Hoody
$49.00    $24.50
Save: 50% off

                                   Korean Style Men Hoody
$49.00    $24.50
Save: 50% off

                                   Korean Style Men Hoody
$49.00    $24.50
Save: 50% off

                                   Korean Style Men Hoody
$49.00    $24.50
Save: 50% off

                                   Korean Style Men Hoody
$49.00    $24.50
Save: 50% off

                                   Korean Style Men Hoody
$49.00    $24.50
Save: 50% off

                                   Korean Style Men Hoody
$49.00    $24.50
Save: 50% off


Get Your Free Abercrombie & Fitch Shirt Now

23 Sep

Many Super stars love these brands, I have collect many photos, and there are hundreds of photos with a super star in A&F shirts. Today I share some for you, and I am glad to tell you that you will get one of these shirts free when you make the first order at
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Molte stelle Super amare queste marche, ho raccogliere molte foto,e ci sono centinaia di foto con una super star in A & F magliette.Oggi condivido alcune per voi, e sono lieto di dirvi che avrete una di queste magliette libero quando si effettua il primo ordine a
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Muchas estrellas Super amor estas marcas, tengo recopilarmuchas fotos, y hay cientos de fotos con una super estrella de A &F camisas. Hoy te comparto algunos de ustedes, y me alegro dedecir que usted recibirá una de estas camisetas gratis al realizar el pedido por primera vez en
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New Abercrombie&Fitch Men Long Sleeve T-Shirt

We Burn the Sweater Only to Prove the Quality

20 Sep

Dear friends, our online store have been through more than 6 years, we have clients all over the world. We always keep ”High Level Low Price”! We are honest to every friend. But only we know how hard to insist this motto, we never publish passage like this. But today, the buyer insists to let us do a burn test. I agreed after a quick thought. I only want to tell those who are going to be our clients that they can get High quality at low price in our shop.

In Order to prove that we do the take the photo by ourselves, we ask a man to hold up a A4 paper writing on it. Not want to do advertise, just let you know we do it.
Below is how cotton burns, there are three points:

1. There is black smoke
2. It Burns very slowly.
3. It becomes ash when finished.

We take the sweater and a T-shirt made of Chemical fiber to do the test!

You can see the Chemical fiber t-shirt burns more quickly than the sweater. And the shape of the sweater not change when burning, well the t-shirt has shrink together.

Look the detailed photo, they are very different.The t-shirt is totally burned, but the sweater still burns calmly and stays in shape

The sweater become ash gradually and can’t burned your hand when touch the fire, while the t-shirt contain hot glue which will hurt your hand.

The sweater is still hanging in the air, cotton is easy to burn too, but it needs a longer time to become ash. This is the real cotton.

They burns at same time, but the t-shirt has slip on the ground and give off much black smoke and bad smell.

15 Minutes after, the sweater has become grey ash, while the t-shirt become a black mass continues to give off black smoke and bad smell.

All the photos and words are made by! Copy Right reserved!(Some clients ask us why don’t choose another sweater made of chemical fiber? all our sweaters are made of cotton or wool, and all our discounted designer t-shirts are also made of cotton, in fact, you can tell the cotton clothes only by touch it with you hand. We choose this t-shirt is from. We got this t-shirt free from a company who use it as a free gift for their clients)

P.S. Tell you good News, after I show the photos to that Spain client, he give us very good feedback and has make an order of another 10 sweaters. This is a very good comfort for us, anyway the god is fire, we are going to try our best to offer more good quality products to our clients.


2011 New Superdry Men Hoody

16 Sep

Superdry founded in 2003.superdry is pure British manufacturing, adding Japan and Japanese street style, often mistaken for a Japanese brand, to become the direction of a dedicated high-quality brand.
So far, superdry has more than 20 countries. Like David Beckham, Jude Law, Kate Moss, will appear regularly superdry the conference (endorsement)
M Chest:
100CM Width: 41CM Length: 68CM
L Chest: 106CM Width: 43CM Length: 70CM
XL Chest: 112CM Width: 45CM Length: 72CM
XXL Chest: 118CM Width: 47CM Length: 74CM

                                       2011 New Superdry Men Hoody

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2011 New Henleys Men Hoody

15 Sep

is a mens and womenswear brand based in Manchester, UK.Henleys was established in 1996 by Ben Luscombe, and Simon Peters became a partner in 2000. It is a private limited company (Henleys Clothing Limited). Starting out as a men’s shirt brand, the Henleys range branched out into casual wear in the late 90’s, followed by a ladies range in 2002.
Henleys was placed 76th in the Sunday Times Fast Track Top 100 companies in 2009, with an annual sales growth of 63%.
Henleys sells through many different channels, including its online website and major UK retailers such as Bank, Scotts, Republic and the Shop Direct Group. Henleys is also sold through over 200 independent stores in the UK.
Henleys is also sold overseas – with distribution in Germany, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
[Brand]: HENLEYS
[Style]: men’s casual Hoody
[Material]: Cotton
Package: tag, Water Wash, dust bag
Size: M (2)-L (3)-XL (4)-XXL (5)-XXXL
2 yards: Chest: 104CM Length: 69CM Shoulder: 44CM Sleeve 65CM
3 yards: Chest: 110CM Length: 70CM Shoulder Width:: 46CM Sleeve 67CM
4 yards: Chest: 114CM Length: 72CM Shoulder Width:: 48CM Sleeve 68CM
5 yards: Chest: 118CM Length: 73CM Shoulder Width:: 50CM Sleeve 69CM

                                                   2011 New Henleys Men Hoody

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How to Select a Watch

10 Sep

Watches serve a variety of functions, from workout aid to fashion accessory. Some people even use them for telling time. Before making a purchase, it’s worth understanding the basics of watch construction. World-renowned designer models can cost many thousands, while fun disposable watches can be had for a few dollars.
1. Find out about the true origin. Switzerland has long been associated with fine watch making, and many manufacturers try to take advantage of that cachet. Watches identified as a “Swiss Watch” must meet certain requirements as to where production and assembly took place. Before making a major purchase, be sure to get a full explanation from the seller about the watch’s origin.
2. Understand what keeps ’em ticking. Most modern watches use a battery-powered quartz crystal to keep time. Mechanical watches use gears and springs, which are charming and beautiful but require periodic servicing. A few companies, including ETA and Valjoux, make good mechanisms that are found in many popular brands. The very best watch makers build their own mechanisms.
3. Examine the watch case. Any top-quality watch has a screw-on back and screw-down crown (the winding knob) for the most protection from water and dirt. Some watches feature a display back that allows you to see the mechanism. Common case materials include stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum and titanium. All of these are highly durable (except gold, which is fairly soft) and provide a distinctive, classy look.
4. Consider other features. Some models combine both digital and analog faces on one watch. A water-resistant watch is fine for swimming and general use. For diving, be sure to check the depth rating. A chronograph (stopwatch) function is essential for a sports watch. For travel, an alarm is handy, as is the ability to track time in other cities. Gemstones are an elegant if expensive addition to high-end fashion watches.
5. Be sure the band is comfortable and secure. Segmented steel bands with their clean look and smooth feel are popular. Leather bands provide a timeless, understated look. Strong, secure, and quick-drying nylon bands are the best choice for sports watches.
6. Expect top-quality movements, materials (including gemstones) and construction from premium watches that run several thousand dollars. Prestigious watchmakers include Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Bulova, Cartier and Jaeger, with many others worldwide.
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How to Choose Sunglasses

10 Sep

Sunglasses not only look fashionable, but they also help protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.
1. Look for sunglasses that filter out at least some blue light, which can damage the retina and lead to macular degeneration (vision loss from degeneration in parts of the eye). To make sure, try wearing them outside; a blue sky should appear gray with these on. Also ask about polarization, a type of filtering that helps reduce glare.
2. Choose a lens color based on your preferences and comfort level. Gray doesn’t affect color perception; orange-brown lenses are a good choice for those with macular degeneration, since they filter out UV and blue light rays for maximum retinal protection; green lenses distort color less than other shades, such as red or yellow.
3. Opt for lightweight, plastic, shatterproof sunglasses if you’re going to be wearing them when playing sports.
4. Purchase sun goggles for total protection of your eyes. These cover a large area and include side shields. As an added bonus, they also fit over prescription glasses.
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